Hags playing on the Darkside of the Forest game


After a sorted affair and meeting between one of our noble adventurers and a hag, the game being played in this forest for quite a long time, became personal.

The hags, having set up residence in a larger “Life” Tree fed from the blood of sacrificed and tortured fae, have seen a slight invasion of their privacy by out adventuring party… at the cost of one of those adventurers.

They also appear to have a rabid pack of gnolls and foul hounds. They enlisted the help of ogres to rebuild some damaged blood-scaffolding, as well as a very dramatic imp. Both have been dispatched…for now. They enslaved an elven girl who seemed to want to become a hag, but her body was just found relieved of her heart…

One hag was encountered in the company of an invisible cat-like creature that has not yet been encountered since.

KZ peeked her head to “basement level 2” of the Blood Tree, and saw what looked to be the Hound Archon from the mines…

“I don’t think Alloralla ever wanted to become a hag. She was under some evil enchantment. At any rate, one of the sisters was dead, and we killed the other two, just as they were trying to, I think, use the elven woman’s heart to bring their sister back. We gave the ashes of one to the hound Archon, and sent the imp scurrying away (with one of my arrows still in his chest) to his master. The hags must have been relatively minor players in the game.” KZ


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