How to be Noble, 101 Shortcuts

Death of a Comrade

I couldn’t catch her, the elf woman, that is. I almost had her, but a globe of darkness near the next tunnel slide prevented me. There is something about her though. At first I thought she was a hag in disguise, but her magic was wrong for that. And her eyes—they were dead, but there was a moment, I think when Thoradin blasted a hole in the floor, that I saw something else. Anger?

Anyway, we regrouped briefly, but before we could plan a strategy, Thoradin and Gabriel engaged some gnolls through the hole in the floor. Frustrated at our lack of planning, I took the others to the slide and cautiously crept into the darkness. To my left, where the elf was going, was a huge, disgusting gnoll, with 3 wolves chained to various body parts. He looked deranged beyond all doubt…But just before I joined in the battle in the other direction, Gabriel came flying into the space, landing—I admit, gracefully—and rolling away from danger. The gnoll-beast roared, so I put an arrow in his shoulder and called up to Bhodi.

Bodhi came fast, but that damn gnoll and his wolves were fast! They fell upon Bodhi with alarming speed. I wanted to go to Gabriel, who was faring badly, but I was torn because the wolves were overpowering Bodhi, and Rebrus’ fire attack was barely keeping up with the speedy wolves. I stabbed the gnoll-beast again and—what the hell was going on? Thoradin was gone, and I looked over just in time to see a gnoll weapon being extracted from Gabriel’s lifeless body. In almost the same motion, the gnoll turned and kicked a potted plant. Am I losing my mind?

I finished off the brute and, leaving the wolves to Bodhi, sprinted desperately toward Gabriel. Bodhi made quick work of the wolves, and I quickly ended the other gnoll’s life, but it was too late. Gabriel was dead.

We decided to head to some Dryad’s home to reincarnate Gabriel. On the way out, I grabbed some jewelry from the gnoll-beast, and ripped apart some of the mechanism bringing blood to the deranged tree. It was the least those bastard hags deserve, and I am certain we will be back for more.

During the trek, I talked with Bodhi some. He showed strength in carrying his brother for the entirety of our 24 hour march and being able to maintain a decent pace. He expressed gratefulness for my skill in battle. Imagine that, a noble-type thanking ME. His main virtue being the fact that he doesn’t say much, I was surprised that when he did speak he expressed gratitude. I am wary of friendship of any sort, but may have found at least some temporary companions.

I also am intrigued at the challenge of removing the cursed garment from Rebrus; I am hoping it is the cause of his inappropriate glances and comments. It is a strange life I lead.



This is a great use of the forum!

I love reading the adventure logs and the vision of the story yuo all create. Well done guys!

Death of a Comrade

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