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Places of Note

of one sort or another

  • Cormyr – A country far to the east now, whose capital is Suzail
  • Daggerford – Where you are!
  • Waterdeep – What Daggerford wants to be; a massive city with even more wealth

A Bit Scary

  • Grayflow River Mine – Not the safest of places…
  • Daggerford’s Forest – is full of fae, gnolls, and cheaters
  • Secomber – Is further east than you have been and is a border town to the scarier places
  • High Forest – mostly scary for the civilized folk; there is legitimate danger for others as well

Places better left alone…

  • Trollbark Forest – Had an ettercap issue and has a tiny dwarf loving fae
  • Warlock’s Crypt – is someplace better left unexplored
  • Troll Hills – Well, they are rather self explanatory, no?
  • High Moor – A monster ridden flat land, including the very very dangerous Dragonspear Castle.
  • Star Mounts – in the High Forest, an awe inspiring set of mountains

Main Page

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