Grayflow River Mine

An abandoned mining town skirts the entrance: a number of solid homes of seemingly dwarven origin, as well as a peculiar tavern. One of the small homes seems to have belonged to a dwarven cleric, though not a fastidious one: religious icons are off in the corner, and the place is generally messy, though not ransacked.

The tavern is run by a creature that is not entirely corporeal, but is not aware that he is dead. He is not hostile, though is rather mysterious. He regularly enters the mine through the stone wall in the back of the tavern, implying that there is some sort of compartment or room through the stone.

A stream flows out of the mouth of the mine, carrying with it the dust of past mining. The mine itself was still mined by a literal skeleton crew of miners that were not hostile unless engaged. They were mining what seemed to be obsidian for more necromantic rituals. Sentient ghouls also called this place home, and could be conversed with and bribed for guidance, though there is a deep pool filled with seemingly more feral ghouls. A room contained a pair of cycling air/dust elementals.

A final chamber contained ongoing necromantic rituals, being conducted and watched over by a fallen hound archon. The ghouls implied there was a chapel/religious area that held a stash of treasure, though it was never physically seen.

The mine was cleared out by forces from Daggerford, though the hound archon was seen again in the forest, which implies that it was not present during the clearing out of the mines.

Grayflow River Mine

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