How to be Noble, 101 Shortcuts

A new Beginning
from the Chronicles of Gabriel D'Shain

The 5th of Mirthal 1490 DR

Fate has intervened yet again, and the path towards my destiny has been interrupted!

I had just met my brother for the first time in years, both of us having completed our training, and we had set out on our journey home to take back our birthright, when the ship we were sailing on was attacked by an unknown party. The vessel approached us under Cormyran flag, but this was just a ruse to get close to us. A part of me wonders if this is related to our return home, a first strike so to speak, but I dismiss this as paranoia. The D’Shains have been away from Cormyr for 5 years, and it is unlikely that the people I consider my enemies have spend much time thinking about me during that time.

But I digress… We were not as defenseless as our attackers seemed to think, and when all was set and done, both ships went down, and I found myself on a nameless beach what I assume is several hundred miles south of Waterdeep. It appears my plans will have to wait.

All is not lost though. At least I am not alone. It is a bit of a rag-tag group I found myself in, but this will give me an opportunity to hone my skills in leadership. So far it appears that 5 people from our ship have survived and come to shore close to me. I thank the stars that my brother is among them. I need him in more ways than one. It can be a bit tricky to deal with all his moral restrictions, but nevertheless I cannot imagine taking the journey without him. There is a Dwarf with us, who does not seem quite right in the head, but he is a Cleric and I have a feeling that we will require healing soon. I will learn how to deal with his singular mind in due time. The gnome mage who was the ship’s navigator on the other hand could not be more stereotypical. His magic will be useful to have. The last member of our little group is the most difficult to read. But as he is an expert in hand to hand combat, I will not complain.

I have managed to secure a tentative leadership position in the group. We are traveling north along the beach, hoping to find other survivors to bolster our ranks.

I see a lighthouse in the distance. We will attempt to seek shelter and food there.

Gabriel D’Shain


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