Thoradin Lightbeard

A dwarf with the spirit, though not even the intelligence of a bear, that prefers sunlight to mines, nature to commerce

Race: Hill Dwarf
Class: Level 5 Light Cleric
Religion: Lathander
Alignment: Neutral Good

Combat Stats:
AC: 17
Init: +1

Warhammer: +6 attack bonus, damage 1d8 +3 “It’s one form of conflict resolution!”
Bear Trap: ??? Kills: 3 “It’s not that I dislike bears, I just really like this trap!”

Spell DC: 14
Favorite spells:
Flaming sphere “Is it on fire? Well it should be.”
Spiritual Weapon “So this big hammer just appears! And…I guess that’s it. It’s helpful!”
Guidance “I like lending a helping hand…sometimes it makes a difference”

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Giant

- Met, and has unfinished business with, a gunslinger with the church of Lathander in Daggerford.
- “Friend of the Downtrodden” in Daggerford
- Contact (with discount) with blacksmith in Daggerfall


Thoradin Lightbeard

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