KZ (Kalenna Zetea)

Mysterious wanderer


KZ is a dark ranger. She radiates intensity, and is seemingly unwilling to divulge secrets about her past or the demons that obviously plague her. She is known in her hometown for exposing the corruption of the elders, although she does not offer up any more details than the rumors that abound. This led to her forced exile from her hometown—a place where she was always on the margins due to her mixed racial heritage.

KZ makes up for her lack of size and strength with overwhelming speed, ferocity and cunning, using her bow when possible, then moving and striking quickly with rapier and dagger. She is also surprisingly intelligent, and has survived many battles using her brain. She keeps her companions at arms’ length but her cold exterior seems to cloak a genuine goodness.

Her distrust of authority figures—especially men, is especially apparent, and there is a seething anger boiling just beneath the surface. On the other hand, she can spend hours examining a leaf or watching a bird. Her guarded nature seems forced, as if her soul is somehow fragmented.

Thoughts on her companions: (Not that she openly shares these thoughts.)

Bodhi: “A nobleman—always potentially dangerous. He has shown me respect and is loyal to a fault, but seems to lack nuance. Still, he’s a good battle companion…as long as we aren’t trying to be stealthy. Never thought I’d be traveling with one like him. We don’t talk much, but when we do, it’s short and to the point. I think we understand each other.”

Gabriel: “I think dying gave this arrogant man some perspective. I like him better as a dragonborn—I see potential for growth beyond that of a typical man. His fighting is formidable and subtle, although his theatrics sometimes get us in trouble. If I’m going to defer to anyone in this group, it’s probably him (especially if he keeps wearing the necklace I made). As long as he remembers I am in no way inferior or subject, we’ll get along fine.”

Thoradin: “Of the dwarves I have met, Lightbeard is the most…unique? His childlike good nature is occasionally endearing, and his spells are powerful. I have to fight the impulse, when talking to him, of taking the tone one uses with small children. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t…I alternate between wanting to pat him on the head or slap some sense into him. All in all, he’s good to have around.”

Rebrus: “I don’t really know him—the cursed cloak he wears obscures his personality. On one hand, I sympathize with his plight. On the other hand, who the hell is he? What do I really know about him?”


KZ (Kalenna Zetea)

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