Gabriel D'Shain

Scheming noble in exile


Impatient in nature with a flaring temper, Gabriel can easily run people the wrong way. He makes up for this with a flamboyant style of both problem solving and fighting. Things might blow up in his face from time to time, but his plans work more often then not and when caught between a rock and a hard place he has the fighting skills to get out again – with a little help from his companions of course. But whatever he does, he does with an infectious energy that can sweep people along.

Inside, Gabriel is an ambitious man who has plans within plans, and who has no problems using people along the way. His image is important to him and he likes to be seen in a good light.

Gabriel is close to his brother whom he trusts without question. Everyone else in his eyes, ranges from useful tool roadblock.


Gabriel D'Shain

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