Duke Maldwyn

Duke of Daggerford


The current Duke of the region is Maldwyn Daggerford. He gained this title by law of birth and was taught to lead by example at a young age. In his adolescence he was sent out to join the Everbloom Military in the front-lines to fight Thay.

Maldwyn came back a hero of Everbloom after singlehandedly slaying a Thay necromancer, but his victory was bittersweet as he would upon his return hear the news of his mother’s death. Returning to Daggerford he took it upon himself to do anything to keep his subjects safe from the many nearby threats.

Seemingly selected by Waukeen, The Goddess of Coin and Commerce, his ability to evaluate risk and reward appears almost unparalleled, if not cold to some

Duke Maldwyn

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