How to be Noble, 101 Shortcuts

Unlikely Encounters at a Lighthouse

from the Chronicles of Gabriel D'Shain

The 6th of Mirthal 1490 DR

Coincidences are piling on top of improbabilities…

When our ship was attacked, just as my brother and I were on our way home, I suspected potential foul play. Now I cannot help but think that something else is going on in this part of the world that we accidentally stepped in the middle of. I will have to try to gain an advantage from this situation.

We were able to reach the lighthouse that I mentioned yesterday with relative ease, and the old keeper received us with surprising friendliness – I doubt that I would allow 5 strangers into my home so easily. As it turns out, he had witness the battle at sea and assumed us to be survivors. More importantly, after some generous gifts from our side, he provided us with both food and information. It appears we are not the only survivors after all. The keeper saw two groups – one holding the other prisoner – land on the beach a days walk north of our current position. As our ship with a peaceful trading vessel, we have to assume that the prisoners were the crew mates of my new companions. I decided to put forward the notion of helping them in order to gain the trust of the group as well as solidify my leadership role. I can of course trust my brother without question, but as for the rest, I think it will be easier to gain their trust by leading them on a mission they would have gone on anyway.

We decided to spend the night at the lighthouse to regain our strength. This will give the slavers – for that is what they certainly are – a days head start, but that could not be helped. Up to that point, everything had gone well, but that ended quickly, when during the night, the lighthouse was attacked by Undead skeletons. Luckily, the old keeper had some fight in him and was able to assist us as we pushed back the attack. Strangely, every skeleton we slew turn into sand on the spot. I am not trained in the religious arts, but even I know that this is not normal behavior for their kind. In addition this was not the only attack of this night. As we were in the middle of the fight, we heard a commotion from the upper levels of the tower. A group of kobolts was up there ransacking the second floor. Upon chasing them to the top of the tower, we found the search light extinguished. The plan of the kobolt leader – a disciple of Umberlee – was to lead an upcoming vessel onto the rocks as a sacrifice to the evil deity. We were at a stalemate. We had slain most of the attackers, but the leader had us at a disadvantage and time was of the essence. At the last moment, I was able to convince the monsters, that Umberlee had already had her share of victims today, in the form of our ship, that had sunk just that morning. To my great surprise, this satisfied the little beast’s bloodlust, and they retreated, allowing us the relight the flame and save the inbound ship.

This was an important victory for our little group, and the type of heroic actions that i will be able to make use of in the future.

Several questions remain unanswered however. Was the skeleton attack merely a distraction? I am not convinced… none of the kobolt attackers had the looks of a necromancers. More importantly however, I was convinced that extinguishing the search light was not the only, and maybe not even the primary goal in the attack. The old man’s living quarters had clearly been searched. One whole floor had been destroyed. The monsters had been looking for something. A conversation with the keeper yielded interesting results, and maybe another lead to great power. I will need to investigate further.

One last thing has become clear to me: The side trip on my journey to revenge might have been a blessing in disguise. All my training had not prepared me for battle in the real world. My impatience during the fight almost cost me my life as one of the little creatures snuck up on me. I will have to think about this and how to best leverage these new companions in my favor.

But first, we are bound northwards in heroic pursuit of our captured ship mates…



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