How to be Noble, 101 Shortcuts

Iron and Wine

We searched the area around the cauldron for treasure—but as we did the cauldron started cracking; it seemed dangerous (I didn’t want to see what happened when it broke) so we took off for the dryad’s tree. Before we left we cast what healing spells we still had, and I again cast a concealing spell on us so we could avoid the gnoll patrols. Everyone was exhausted and injured, so we stopped after an hour to make camp. I was in a rush, feeling the elf’s heart still in my pocket.

I took watch with the thornwolf—Rebrus’s cloak seemed to be…well, let me just say a shadow was emanating from the cloak and watching me keep watch. The cloak has to go.
We made it back to the dryad tree only to find a satyr there trying to, unsurprisingly, get in bed with her. I think my companions thought this would be a fun game, but I, the voice of reason, had to show them the heart so they remembered the task at hand. We gained entrance and I put the heart back in the elf’s body, which was laying on a stone slab. The dryad set to work, and we set to drinking.

Mostly Thornbeard was drinking. By the time I had returned from uniting heart and body he was drunk on fae wine. Feeling impatient, I took thornwolf hunting. We returned and the satyr and I set to cooking the elk we had killed. I probably would have joined Thornbeard in drinking the wine (by now he had plants growing out of his head and hammer) except that the satyr had obviously changed his ‘target.’ When we sat down to talk eat, I made sure he was opposite me. For his own good, probably.

The dryad raised Alloralla. She didn’t remember being possessed by the hags, which is probably for the better. Thornwolf was happy to see her, though, so she must not be all bad.

We also found out from the dryad, after she raised Alloralla, that Bodhi had found his calling as a member of the garrison back at Daggerford. It seems a strange calling for a ‘noble’, but to each his own. He will be missed.

In the end, I decided to help Alloralla do some recon in the forest. We wanted to get a better idea of the status of the game’s players. Everyone else would head to town where we planned to meet in 4 days.
I have come to appreciate my new friends, but I think the change of companionship for a few days might be…refreshing.



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